The Axe Shack is sadly closing on January 15, 2020. We would like to thank all our participants for their support.
The Axe Shack was a recreational sporting venue. We hosted casual and competitive axe throwing events for social, corporate, collegiate, and leagues.

Hours of Operation

Throwing sessions are no longer booked
The Axe Shack is closed after January 15, 2020.


The axe was one of the first tools known to man with the earliest version made with a stone head lashed to a wooden handle with leather. As technology advanced, so did the axe with heads made of copper, bronze, iron and ultimately, steel. The axe became a weapon of war in the middle ages when throwing axes were carried into battle by foot soldiers and occasionally, knights. A skilled “axe wielder” was a formidable adversary. The axe was a requisite for early explorers and indispensable for pioneers. The logging industry was built on the axe and likely the origin of the first axe throwing competitions. Axe throwing is still an event in most lumberjack competitions today. In recent years, the sport of axe throwing has grown tremendously in popularity. People from all walks of life are now enjoying this exciting, newfound hobby.


Owing to its shape and weight, an axe is easier to throw than a knife, but accuracy still takes practice and an understanding of proper technique. Use an appropriately sized throwing axe – sometimes known as a hatchet – with an overall length of 32-37 centimetres (12-14 inches). Clutch the axe handle firming with a fist grip. Stance and balance are important so keep your stance wide enough to remain stable and point the leg that coincides with your throwing arm towards the target. Motion in your throwing arm comes from the elbow so release the axe when your arm is straight and aimed at the target. Remember to look at where you want the axe to land. Start with short distances then gradually increase the distance. Practice makes perfect.

Alternate Technique

This two-handed technique may prove a little easier to master. In the same manner you would hold a baseball bat, grip the axe handle firmly with both hands. Ensure the blade is perfectly straight and not angled slightly to the left or right. Raise the axe over your head in the same way you would toss a soccer ball back into play. Ensure your feet are firmly planted, take a deep breath and bring the axe forward in one quick motion, releasing when your arms are fully extended.

Got an axe to grind?

Why axe throwing is so popular:

Axe throwing is gaining popularity across the country. Some say it’s a fun and non-traditional way to socialize with friends. Others say is a great way to lower stress and lessen anxiety. Others still like to wear plaid. (We’re kidding, you don’t need to wear plaid.) Whatever the reason, it’s good, clean fun and if you’re the competitive type, there are plenty of leagues to join and competitions to enter. As one avid axe thrower jokingly noted, an axe could sustain society in the event of a zombie apocalypse – chop wood, build a shelter, knock off a few zombies and then enjoy some healthy competition afterwards with your fellow survivors.

Axe Throwing League / Drop In information

The Axe Shack is sadly closing on January 15, 2020!

We would like to thank all our participants for their support.

Fall 2019 league rules (Dates TBD)

(Subject to changes, updates, tweaks, adjustments and general improvements)


Equipment/General information:

Minimum age is 16; adult guardian must be present.

Axes are supplied by

Target boards are sprayed with water before league play begins.

Target boards will be replaced at the referee’s discretion.

Axes must stick and stay until retrieved to count (chucked and stuck).  Points are awarded at the higher value if an axe is touching multiple scoring areas.

A warm-up period will be provided, time permitting, before any official league throws.

All official throws MUST have a referee present to be counted.

Players absent will record zeros for throws.

Scoring areas are valued at 1, 3, 5, 7-points with the outside ring being 1-point, middle ring 3-points, inside ring (bullseye) 5-points and the clutch 7-points.

Fall league is limited to the first 16 paid players.

Prizes to be determined and awarded during the playoff (6th) week.

Official’s decisions are final. Fall 2019 League specific information:

Players will compete individually, accumulating points throughout the five weeks of league play.  Playoffs will be the 6th week.

Players will be paired up on the official league throwing lanes and throw five times against each other.  After five throws, players will switch throwing lanes and take five more throws.

Each player will have the same number of official throws recorded after five weeks of league play.

Each week, the player with the highest weekly point total will earn lane choice for all his or her matches the following week. Fall 2019 League Playoff Format:

The 6th and final week of the league will be an elimination tournament with the initial player positions determined by the overall points total for the 5-week league.

Each match will follow the league throwing format of 5 throws each, switch lanes, then five more throws.  The winner of the match will be the player with the highest point total.

In case of a match tie, each player will have an additional throw, the player with the highest points winning the match. Extra throws may be required until a winner is determined.

The final round will be a best of 5 matches, with the first player to win three matches awarded the League Championship title.

Frequently Asked Questions


Axe throwing is a sport that involves hurling an axe or hatchet at a target down range.

Axe throwing has developed from a backyard pastime into a competitive sport.  World championships are held each year, with competitors from all over the world.

Here at The Axe Shack, axe throwing is conducted in a safe and controlled environment.  Instruction is given to each participant before engaging in axe throwing activity.


Wear comfortable clothing that allows your arms to swing an axe overhead.  Footwear should be closed toe. No sandals, or bare feet.

Everything you will need to participate in axe throwing is supplied here at The Axe Shack.  A throwing lane, target and axes are included.  You only need to bring your friends and enthusiasm.

Each throwing session lasts 2 hours.  This includes approx. 30 minutes of practise time, and 90 minutes of game / tournament time.  Your group will have 2 lanes to use during this time.

Each 2-hour booking requires a minimum group size of 6 participants.  Each booking uses two lanes, as such a suggested maximum group size is 12.  You are welcome to book multiple groups of lanes.

No, as The Axe Shack books all activity by appointment only, currently we don’t allow walk-ins.  Give us a call to schedule your group’s 2-hour session.

To book any participant under the age of 18 will require you to call The Axe Shack directly.  We allow under 18 to participate in axe throwing only with their parent/legal guardian physically present.


Yes, we encourage photos and videos by our participants.  We promote the use of our hashtags #theaxeshackolds #theaxeshack to share your exploits with your friends near and far.

All equipment is supplied by The Axe Shack.  During certain league or event nights, we may allow the use of outside axes, pending inspection by The Axe Shack.

The Axe Shack is open by appointment only.

If you have a request for booking an event please give us a call at 403-556-3031.

The Axe Shack charges 40 dollars per person per 2-hour session.   This fee includes a safety orientation, axe handling and of course, throwing.

All Axe Shack events are by appointment only.  Please call us to book your group and choose a time.  The Axe Shack may have additional groups booked before or after your selected time, so please be punctual.

For any questions that you may have, please call us at 403-556-3031.  We will be happy to discuss any private event bookings and provide you with all the answers you need.

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The Axe Shack is conveniently located at 4506 49th Avenue in Olds, Alberta which places the “Shack” practically midway between both Red Deer and Calgary – 45 minutes from Red Deer and less than an hour from Calgary on the Queen Elizabeth II Highway. A short drive to an unforgettable experience – The Axe Shack – no Lumberjack or Viking ancestry required.


4506 49 Ave
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