The Axe Shack is a recreational sporting venue. We operate casual and competitive axe throwing events for social, corporate, collegiate, and leagues.

Axe Throwing League

Monday Nights
Next Dates to be Announced!

$15 Per Person per Week
20 Person Cap Per Session

2 Available Sessions
6:00PM – 8:00PM
8:00PM – 10:00PM

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Spring 2018 league rules (Feb 19-Mar26)

(subject to changes, updates, tweaks, adjustments and general improvements)


Equipment / General info:

Minimum age is 16, Adult guardian must be present.

Axes are supplied by

Target boards are sprayed with water before league play begins.

Target boards will be replaced at the referee’s discretion.

Axes must stick and stay until retrieved to count (chucked and stuck).  Points are awarded at the higher value, if an axe is touching multiple scoring areas.

Two throwing lanes are designated practise lanes that may be used by players before, or after their official league throws during the player’s session.

Two throwing lanes are designated official league lanes and are used to record each player’s scores.

A warm up period will be provided (time permitting) prior to any official league throws.

All official throws MUST have a referee present in order to be counted.

Players absent will record zeros for throws.

Scoring areas are valued at 1,3,5,7 points with the outside ring being 1 point, middle ring 3 points, inside ring (bullseye) at 5 points and the nipple (or clutch) at 7 points – ONLY on last throw and only if called prior to throw. spring 2018 league specific information:

Players will compete individually, accumulating points throughout the 5 weeks of league play.

Players will be paired up on the official league throwing lanes and throw 5 times against each other.  After 5 throws, players will switch throwing lanes and take 5 more throws.

Each player will have the same amount of official throws recorded after 5 weeks of league play.

Each week, the player with the highest weekly point total will earn lane choice for all of their matches the following week. spring 2018 league playoff format:

The 6th and final week of league will be a double elimination round robin tournament with the initial player positions determined by the overall points total for the 5 week league.  The player with the highest points total will start against the player with the lowest point total.

Each match will follow the league throwing format of 5 throws each, switch lanes, then 5 more throws, however the winner of the match will be the player with the highest point total.

In case of a match tie, each player will have an additional throw, with the player with the highest points winning the match.  Additional throws may be required until a winner is determined.

The final round will be a best of 5 matches, with the first player to win 3 matches awarded the League Championship title.

Frequently Asked Questions


Axe throwing is a sport that involves hurling an axe or hatchet at a target down range.

Axe throwing has developed from a backyard birth to a competitive sport.  World championships are held each year, with competitors from all over the world.

Here at The Axe Shack, axe throwing is conducted in a safe and controlled environment.  Instruction is given to each participant prior to engaging in axe throwing activity.


Wear comfortable clothing that allows your arms to swing an axe overhead.  Footwear should be closed toe. No sandals, or bare feet.

Everything you will need to participate in axe throwing is supplied here at The Axe Shack.  A throwing lane, target and axes are included.  You will only need to bring your friends and enthusiasm.

Each throwing session lasts 2 hours.  This includes approx. 30 minutes of practise time, and 90 minutes of game / tournament time.  Your group will have 2 lanes to use during this time.

Each 2 hour booking has a minimum group size of 6 participants.  Each booking uses 2 lanes, as such a suggested maximum size of a group is 12.  You are welcome to book multiple groups of lanes.

No, as The Axe Shack books all activity by appointment only, at this time we don’t allow walk-ins.  Use our booking system here to schedule your group’s 2 hour session

To book any participant under the age of 18 will require you to call The Axe Shack directly.  We allow under 18 to participate in axe throwing, with their parent / legal guardian physically present.


Yes, we encourage photos and videos by our participants.  We encourage the use of our hashtags #theaxeshackolds #theaxeshack to share your exploits with your friends near and far.

Yes!  Our next axe throwing league is starting in the fall.  Details will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

All equipment is supplied by The Axe Shack.  During certain league or event nights we may allow the use of outside axes, pending inspection by The Axe Shack.

The Axe Shack is open Monday to Friday 6-10 pm, with booking times at 6 pm and 8 pm.  Saturdays are between 2-10 pm with booking times at 2 pm, 4pm, 6pm, 8pm.  The Axe Shack is closed on Sundays.  If you have a request for booking an event outside of our regular booking times, please give us a call at 403-556-3031.

The Axe Shack charges $40 dollars per person per 2 hour session.   This includes a safety orientation, axe handling and of course throwing.

All Axe Shack events are by appointment only.  Please call us to book your group and choose a time.  The Axe Shack may have additional groups booked before or after your selected time, so please be punctual.

For any questions that you may have, please call us at 403-556-3031.  We will be happy to discuss any private event bookings, or any other questions you may have.

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